Thursday, July 27, 2006


Moment of Terror

After two weeks, the scar behind my ear from surgery started to fall off. It was itchy one day, and I scratched lightly and the bottom part of the scar fell off. A few days later, it was itchy again and I scratched lightly and the top part of the scar fell off. So I have a nice pale pink line behind my ear. The stitches were sewn under the skin so there was no need to take the stitches out; they are the kind that dissolve naturally.
Oddly, after all that, the incision was still itchy and again naturally I lightly scratched (I scratch with my fingertips, not my fingernails) and I felt my hair and skin tug slightly. In sheer, stark irrational terror, I had thought that I pulled on the end of the stitches and that the stitches were unraveling. Never mind that the stitches were under the skin, I had thought I scratched the skin open. I put my palm to my head and half-expected that the palm would come away all covered with blood. When I saw that my palm was clear, then I took a deep breath to try to calm down. Turns out that there was a third part of the scab and this scab was stuck to my hair. I asked a friend to cut it off with a pair of scissors. However, I never forgot my moment of terror.

Monday, July 17, 2006



Welcome to my blog (I always wondered where the word blog came from. I just found out a few days that it was a derivative of web log). I am going to jot down my observances on the English language, social interactions, and my cochlear implant. A cochlear implant is a device, in simple terms, to allow a deaf person to hear. How it works is straight out of Star Wars science fiction: it sends electric signals straight into the inner ear where the cochlea resides. The cochlea, in turn, excites the auditory nerve cluster and the brain recognizes it as sound. Remember Lobot from Star Wars where Lando Calrissian uses a wrist keypad to communicate with Lobot to help Leia and Chewbacca escape? I am like Lobot, except that I hold the wrist keypad to control what I hear.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Drug Addict

'Oh GREAT! Now, I am gonna look like a drug addict' was my last thought as I drifted off to medically-induced la-la land. You see, I was on the operating table, about to receive a cochlear implant. Everything was ready -- I was on the table, a whole team of people ready to put me under, drill a hole into my head and stick in an implant; but the resident anesthesiologist kept feeling my arm, putting the needle into my arm and then taking it out. He does this a few times. Then the attending anesthesiologist took over, and just JABBED the needle into my arm. I gave a half-hearted yowl of pain but I was already going under the anesthesia from the gas mask. I kept thinking what a big bruise I am going to get on my arm.

To read more about cochlear implants, check out this link.

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